TGN Hall of Gold

The Golden Network's Hall of Gold is for members who finaled in the Golden Heart® contest three or more times. 


Carolynn Carey 

 1991: Regency, "The Untamable Antonia"
1993: Regency, "A Simple Lady"
1996: Regency, "Compromising Situations"

Denny S. Bryce 2014: Romantic Suspense, "Chasing Dawn"
2016: Historical Romance, "Wild Women and the Blues"
2018: Mainstream with a Central Romance, "Wild Women and the Blues

Diana Belchase 2011: Romantic Suspense, "The Spy in the Mirror" (Winner)
2012: Romantic Suspense, "The Spy with a Vengeance"
2016: Romantic Suspense, "Escape from the Harem" 

Eileen Emerson 2012: Historical "An Unbridled Gentleman"
2016: Historical "An Unbridled Gentleman"
2018: Historical "An Unloved Earl"
2019: Historical "An Unloved Earl" 

Elisa Beatty 2009: Regency, "Shameless"
2010: Regency, "A Most Improper Gentleman"
2012: Historical, "The Devil May Care"

Elizabeth Bermis 2004: Long Contemporary, "The Marriage Pact"
2005: Single Title, "For Better or Worse"
2009: Single Title, "Lights... Camera... Marriage!"
2009: Single Title, "Love & Oreos"
2010: Single Title, "For Love or Money"
2012: Romantic Suspense, "Edge of Deception"

Elizabeth King 2016: Historical, "The Earl and the Pussycat"
2016: Historical, "Taming the Earl"
2019: Historical, "Wylde at Heart"

Elizabeth Rue 2007: Long Historical, "Forever a Rogue"
2010: Regency Historical, "My Dearest Rogue"
2016: Historical, "Undone"
2017: Historical, "Unmasked"

Emily Sullivan 2017: Historical, "The Price of Desire"
2019: Historical, "Tempting the Heiress"
2019: Historical, "Intriguing the Irishman"
2019: Historical, "A Dangerous Affinity"

Gabrielle Luthy 2010: Manuscript w/Strong Romantic Elements, "The Lake Effect"
2016: Contemporary, "Shelter Me"
2018: Mainstream, "Midnight on Topanga Canyon Boulevard"

Jacqui Nelson 2010: Historical, "Between Heaven and Hell"
2013: Historical, "Between Love and Lies"
2013: Romantic Suspense, "The Shadow Hour"

Janet Raye Stevens 2017: Paranormal, "Beryl Blue, Time Cop"
2018: Short Contemporary, "Cole for Christmas"
2019: Young Adult, "The Nascent Bloom"

JM Willet  1995: Single Title, "Second Chances"
2010: Manuscript w/Strong Romantic Elements, "Rescuing Rembrandt"
2012: Romantic Suspense, "Rescuing Rembrandt"

Jo Anne Banker 2011: Contemporary Series, "Lost and Found" (Winner)
2015: Contemporary, "Homecoming"
2017: Contemporary, "This Child is Mine"

Kay Hudson 2011: Historical, "Paper Hearts"
2012: Paranormal, "Bathtub Jinn"
2013: Paranormal, "Jinn & Tonic"
2018: Paranormal, "Jinn on the Rocks" (Winner)

Kelly Ann Riley 2007: Romantic Suspense, "Tread Softly: A Want Ad Mystery"
2008: Contemporary Series, Romance Suspense/Adventure, "Kitty's Fire"
2009: Inspirational Romance, "Kitty's Fire"

Kimberly MacCarron 2010: Young Adult, "Squeeze Three Times"
2013: Young Adult, "Sticks and Stones"

2014: Young Adult, "To Feel or Not to Feel"
2014: Young Adult, "Chasing Fireworks
2015: Paranormal, "Mapping Fate"

2016: Inspirational, "For the Love of Termites" (Winner)
2017: Contemporary, "Always Sunny"
2017: Contemporary Short, "What Would Ginger Do?"
2017: Young Adult, "All the Feels"
2018: Paranormal, "Leap of Fate"
2018: Young Adult, "Loving Outside the Lines"
2018: Young Adult, "Our Red String"

Krista Hall 2007: Contemporary Single Title, "Enemy Hearts"
2011: Romantic Suspense, "Borderlands"
2013: Romantic Suspense, "Broken Places"

Laurie Kellogg 2004: Single Title Contemporary, "A Little Bit of Deja Vu"
2004: Single Title Contemporary, "Something Worth Remembering"
2006: Long Contemporary, "The Memory of You"
2007: Long Contemporary, "Subliminal Seduction"
2009: Contemporary Series, "Honey, I'm Home"
2010: Contemporary Series, "No Exchanges, No Returns"
2011: Inspirational, "Pinch-Hit Dad"

Mary Oldham 2010: Short Contemporary, "Laura Takes a Lover"
2012: Romantic Suspense, "Chemical Attraction"
2015: Short Contemporary, "A Night at the Rosemont"

Nan Dixon 2010: Contemporary Single Title, "Steel Hearts"
2011: Contemporary Series, "Savannah Sighs"
2013: Contemporary Single Title, "Clean Sweep"
2013: Series Contemporary, "Southern Comforts"
2014: Short Contemporary, "Poetic Justice"

Pam Menz Baker 1995: Traditional, "A Wish for Santa"
1997: Traditional, "A Father's Love"
2005: Traditional, "The Rancher Takes a Family"

Pamela Kopfler 2012:  Paranormal, "Better Dead"
2015: Paranormal, "Better Dead"
2016: Paranormal, "Better Dead"
2016: Inspirational, "One More Breath"

Paula Steulluto 1991: Long Contemporary, "Chasing Dreams"
2010: Contemporary Series, "The Magic Man"
2010: Contemporary Single Title, "Three Little Words"

Pintip Dunn 2012: Young Adult, "Forget Tomorrow"
2014: Young Adult, "Carlie In Crisis"
2014: Paranormal, "Fit to Die"

Priscilla Oliveras 2003: Long Contemporary, "Cradle of Love"
2008: Contemporary Series, "Trust in Me"
2012: Contemporary Series, "His Perfect Partner"
2015: Contemporary, "His Perfect Partner"

Robin Perini 1999: Paranormal, "The Ultimate Price"
2004: Long Contemporary, "In Her Sights"
2004: Paranormal, "The Ultimate Price"
2006: Long Contemporary, "On Target"
2008: Romantic Suspense, "Truth and Consequences"
2011: Romantic Suspense, "More than a Stranger"
2011: Romantic Suspense, "Closure by Death"

Scarlett Peckham 2017: Historical, "Confess Your Grace" 
2018: Historical, "Confess Your Grace"
2018: Historical, "The Duke of Charlotte Street"
2018: Historical, "The Earl I Ruined"

Sharon Wray 2010: Romantic Suspense, "Midnight Guardian"
2011: Romantic Suspense, "Juliet's Rogue"
2012: Romantic Suspense, "Rogue's Return"
2013: Romantic Suspense, "Juliet's Rogue"
2013: Romantic Suspense, "Rogue's Redemption"
2014: Romantic Suspense, "See Her No More"
2015: Romantic Suspense, "Hope Craves an Execution"
2015: Romantic Suspense, "Every Unworthy Thing"

Sheri Adkins 2011: Young Adult, "The Dead Guy Downstairs"
2013: Young Adult, "Miranda Perry's Imported Prom Date"
2016: Young Adult, "Senior Tag: The Underwear Games"

Stephanie Feagan 1996: Contemporary Single, "On the Brink"
2003: Long Contemporary, "The Quiet Man"
2004: Mainstream with Strong Romantic Elements, "Funny Money"

Susan J. Bickford 2015: Contemporary, "House of D'Innoocenzi"
2016: Contemporary, "Facçade"
2017: Contemporary, "Framed"
2018: Mainstream w/Central Romance, "Circle in Time"

Tara Sheets 2013: Paranormal Category, "Guardian"
2015: Paranormal Category, "Stone Hunter"
2016: Paranormal Category, "Don't Call me Cupcake"

Terry McLaughlin 2003: Single Title, "Meeting in the Middle"
2004: Short Contemporary, "Syndney's Souvenier"
2005: Long Contemporary, "Learning Curve"
(published with the same title as a 2006 Superromance)

TL Summer 2015: Young Adult, "The Culloden Immortals"
2016: Young Adult, "Between Never and Always"
2018: Young Adult, "All our Broken Pieces"

Tracy Brody 2015: Romantic Suspense, "A Shot Worth Taking"
2016: Contemporary, "The Sniper's Second Shot"
2016: Romantic Suspense, "In the Wrong Sights"
2017: Romantic Suspense, "Shot Down"
2018: Romantic Suspense, "Deadly Aim"
2019: Romantic Suspense, "Deadly Aim"

Virginia McCullough

2006: Novel with Strong Romantic Elements, "Greta's Grace"
2009: Single Title Contemporary, "Island Healing"
2011: Single Title Contemporary, "Island Healing"